Leaflet Distribution

Leaflets Distribute

There are many different ways of promoting goods or services. Some of them cost a lot. So you have to pay a large sum to put your poster on a billboard or broadcast a video on TV. Of course, not all organizations, firms and businesses can afford such costs. Therefore, perhaps the most popular method of advertising is the distribution of special promotional materials - bright and enticing leaflets.

What is a Leaflets Distribute ?

A Leaflets is a paper product, usually that contains information about an advertised product, service, special offer, or discount. Typically, these Leaflets also contain eye-catching color images, company logos, brand names and more. Leaflets can be very different in shape and content depending on the desires of the entrepreneur and the specialization of a particular organization, company or retail store. Such advertising materials are usually distributed to passers-by, distributed in letter boxes or stuck on special advertising stands.

Advantages and disadvantages of Leaflets distribute

Inexpensive. Compared to other types of advertising, leaflet printing costs business owners very little. Just remember that if an advertising agency offers a very low price for such a service, you should check the quality of the product before receiving a finished batch.
Availability. In fact, similar promotional materials can be made at home by printing them on a regular printer. However, it is still better to entrust this task to professionals who can not only design and print leaflet, but also process them correctly after printing.
The ability to reach a wide audience. Leaflets can be distributed almost anywhere near subway stations. shopping malls and complexes, leave them in mailboxes and under car mops.
Small size and compactness. These promotional materials are also good in that after a person has read the text, they can put the leaflet in their pocket. Of course, the consumer only does this if he is interested in the offer. Otherwise, the leaflet will most likely go to the nearest trash can.
Manufacturing speed. If an advertising campaign is urgently needed, you can order leaflets from an advertising agency, and then properly organize the work of the organizers. This will be enough to get promotional material to spread across the city in one day. To do this, however, you need to make sure that your employees do not break the established rules.
However, leaflets also have their drawbacks, namely:

Considerable preparatory work. If you do not pass all the necessary preparatory stages, if you do not pay attention to the design, decoration and printing features, you will not get a quality product, and an attractive appearance is key to the effectiveness of the leaflet.
The ineffectiveness of leaflets as a stand-alone advertising medium. To prevent leaflets from being thrown into the trash immediately after receiving them, it is better to accompany their distribution with music to give the organizers a special form with the logo of the company or point of sale. In other words, the Leaflets need to be supported by other attention grabbing methods.
Lack of information content. The need to quickly "grab" the consumer's attention greatly affects the size and body of the message. As such, you cannot describe your proposal in detail, but this is a sacrifice that must be made anyway.

The quality of employee work. Promoters don't always look friendly or happy, and the darkness scares off buyers. Try to supervise your employees at least as much as possible.
So, despite the presence of certain drawbacks, with the right and sensible approach, you can get the most out of this promotional material.

Effectiveness of leaflets tailored to the business profile

Leaflets are an effective promotional tool for almost any business, retail stores and organizations. These include:

  • Gastronomy facilities : cafes, restaurants, fast food canteens;
  • Stores with a variety of profiles, from pet stores to grocery stores;
  • Beauty salons, hair salons, nail salons , hair salons;
  • Wedding salons, clothing and shoe stores;
  • Real estate agencies and travel agencies;
  • Educational institutions - kindergartens, private schools;
  • Workshop for cutting and repairing clothes;
  • Jewelry stores.

However, leaflets are not effective for the following companies:

  • Hostels and hotels;
  • Gas stations;
  • Manufacturing company.

Types of leaflets and their differences

Leaflets can vary in design, shape and text. However, they differ precisely in the method of distribution, as well as in their main functions. So there are the following types of these promotional materials:

Supplements to the product. Such products are contained in the packaging of an item that has already been purchased or are issued separately. Such brochures can be purely advertising or inform the customer about advertising, discounts or special events.
Brochures for presentation. Such materials usually indicate that the customer or buyer who presented the flyer or Leaflets will receive a special discount or bonus. Such materials are less likely to end up in the trash can, as they promise very real benefits to a person. These Leaflets are widely used to attract customers to various establishments.

Invitation Leaflets. Such materials do not need to grant the holder privileges. Its main purpose is to provide information about an event. These Leaflets can be distributed on the tables of cafes, restaurants, night clubs, etc.
Glue plane. Similar materials can be found near entrances, on advertising stands, lamp posts, etc. In general, these materials can be very effective, but you will need to coordinate their placement with local authorities or advertising site owners.
Mass distribution leaflets. This is the most popular type of such product. Promoters with such promotional materials are usually found near all the crowded places.

Price of the advertising brochures

The cost of leaflets depends on many factors including:

  • Type of material used
  • Number of copies
  • Post-print processing
  • Brightness of colors
  • Leaflet format (one-sided or two-sided)
  • Design development
  • Paper size

In general, leaflet printing is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. Thus, the prices for a batch of 100 pieces can vary from 500 to 4,000GBP.

This is how you draw attention to your flyer

Remember, in order for your money not to be wasted, there are a few simple rules that you need to follow that will make your Leaflets bright and attractive.

Try to stand out and "grab" a potential customer's attention by using large photos that are meant to attract your audience (for example, if the Leaflets is to promote products for men, you can use photos of attractive women) and one large and simple font to be read.
Don't limit your imagination, use non-standard options. For example, you can order Leaflets with an unusual shape, e.g. B. round, triangular, etc.
Make sure that the essence of your promotional offer catches the eye even with a quick glance at the flyer. Focus on keywords like "baby clothes", "building materials", "draft beer" etc. However, it is not enough to just highlight keywords. You have to explain briefly why your offer is unique and what advantage it has over other companies with the same profile. Such "signal" sentences should be printed in large letters. In this case it does not matter whether they are at the top, bottom or in the middle of the leaflet, as they are read from large text.
Use so-called "eye stoppers" - eye-catching elements and bright, contrasting colors.
Style flyers under the advertised object - use corporate colors, logos.
Remember, don't write entire passages about your product or service. The smaller the text, the easier and faster it is to read and understand. The sentence should not contain more than 6 words, and its meaning should be clear even for a child. Therefore, you should not use words or phrases that are too complex, as your potential customer may not understand the message the first time and will certainly not read the text for a long time.

Humor can significantly increase the effectiveness of a flyer as an advertising medium. Many entrepreneurs consciously rely on funny and even eccentric taglines or taglines and know full well that they are great at getting attention.
Use certain numbers. For example, if you organize a seasonal sale of shoes, "flashy" ones can attract 50% more customers.
Use eye-catching keywords such as "first time", "urgent", "stop", etc. For greater impact, exclamation marks should be placed after such words.

Remember that the text on the flyer must be positive. Eliminate all rejections completely, as they will be badly perceived by the conscious mind. So a person can "not" "leave out" the particle, and of course this will greatly alter your informational message. In addition, phrases like "don't be afraid to be deceived" are not the best option for attracting customers.
Try to put yourself in the consumer's shoes and come up with a copy that speaks to you personally.

Where can I order leaflets?

You can order a number of brochures at our website. We printing, the design of the Leaflet is usually developed, while in the printing house only material is printed. In general, you can save a lot by choosing text and images yourself, laying out the flyer on a PC, and printing a batch on a printer. In this case, however, the flyers are likely to look less attractive than products made with specialized equipment.

Where and how are leaflets distributed?

For your ad to be truly effective, you need to carefully consider where to put your flyers. In most cases, business owners should not try to inform all passers-by, only those who are their representatives. target group ... For example, if you want to increase the number of customers of a wedding salon, leaflets should be distributed in registry offices, youth facilities, shopping centers and malls near institutes and universities in the city. When advertised travel agency promotional materials should be distributed in parks and other places where people spend their free time.

In addition, brochures can be distributed to mailboxes (this is especially important if you are selling mass-produced items) that are stuck to special advertising stands. However, you shouldn't organize the shipping of materials on fences and other unattractive surfaces - this will do more harm than good to the company.

Before handing out flyers, you should do a detailed analysis to find out where they are leading certain groups of people. Study the city press, ask about your friends and acquaintances or even specialists - knowing the locations of your target group will significantly increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Additionally, your promoters need to follow a few simple guidelines and rules outlined below in order for flyers to bring tangible benefits to your business.

Smile. This makes a pleasant impression on passers-by and often encourages them to take the flyer with them.
You should not try to distribute materials to everyone without exception. Abrupt and random movements and jerks only scare off passers-by. You just have to be giving flyers like giving something to your old friend.
Men passing by should hold out the sheet with their right hand. Such a gesture is subconsciously perceived as a handshake and is encouraged to take materials.

For women, it is better to give the leaflet with their left hand and as smoothly as possible. In this case, it is better to hide the text, that is, feed the sheet of paper with the text facing down - that arouses curiosity.
After the leaflet has been given away, you should gently remove your hand. At the same time, you can quietly pronounce the advertising slogan and thank passers-by.

Examples of leaflets by business type

Use the search form or follow the link below to view sample flyers for the company you are interested in.

Most business owners entice customers the old-fashioned way with leaflets and flyers, and this happens in shops, cafes, beauty salons, and health clubs. However, few of them estimate the efficiency and cost of distributing leaflets.

The following is a comparison of the costs of two customer acquisition options: Distribution of flyers and advertising via WLAN from Global Hotspot.

These customer acquisition costs are unprofitable for most establishments and are only acceptable if there is a large average customer check, for example for a jewelry store, or if the visitor comes at least three times for a dental clinic, for example.

If you use this advertising method for a coffee shop or beauty salon, this program will be more unprofitable than profitable for you.