Hand 2 Hand

We recognise that it's often important to interact directly with consumers, as this creates a strong sense of engagement and leaves a very lasting impression.

Because of this, our promotional staff can be hired for street flyer handouts, event promotions or even outside of your shop when you are running a promotion, whatever you require promotional staff for. Our friendly, experienced and highly professional staff will hand out your literature with a smile on their face, can say a statement of your choice and will also wear branded clothing if required.

You will notice promotional staff throughout the UK at shopping centres, high streets, even outside sporting and music events. Essentially anywhere there will be a high rate of footfall traffic for promo staff to interact with potential customers.

For a flat fee of £28 per hour per person, our team of promo staff always adopts a motivated and professional and also sophisticated approach, giving a great first impression of your business.

If you would like help with promotional staff for your marketing campaign then please contact us for a quotation.